Friday, June 26, 2009

And so, it came down to this.

Breakfast, on my last full day in Japan.

I had just gotten off the overnight bus from Tottori to Tokyo, and navigated the trains to drop off my bags at the hotel...and it was still before 7 AM. It was either this restaurant (note name on check), or McDonalds.

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Well, this will never happen again

Been back in the States for about a month now...still kind of freaked out/shellshocked by how everything went down...

Here's a shot from the day before I left my apartment...Earlier that week, the owner of my place of work presented me with my final month's pay, in cash. That day, I also closed out my bank account.

Kind of weird feeling, carrying around that much cash. Not gonna have to worry about it happening again anytime soon.

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