Sunday, April 27, 2008


Good grief.

How is babby formed? (Flash animation)

Although I surf the internet pretty much all the time, there are some places I never go. Yahoo Answers is one of those places.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy ME day!

Let me just interrupt your grand celebrations of ME day, commemorating my b--what? You aren't actually celebrating....

...well, ANYWAY...

This year for my birthday I picked up THIS:

It's the 5-disc set of the 10-hour-long Shogun miniseries from back in the '80s. I wanted to buy this when it came out four years ago, because I had just finished reading the original James Clavell novel (thanks, Scott!). However, at the time, the price was ¥14,490, or over $120. Insanity.

The MSRP is still ¥14,490, but one of the local electronics shops is having a months-long "I Love TV Life" sale, with almost all TV box sets from 10% to 40% off, and Shogun was one of the 40% off titles. (It was also the first time I'd seen it in a store in over three years.) As it turns out, I could have gotten it from for 60% off, but I would have lost a bunch in credit card conversion fees.

When this show was first broadcast over 25 years ago, Mom & Dad wouldn't let me watch it for some odd reason. Most of the rest of America tuned in to it, though... I've only watched the first disc and a half so far, and I'm glad to see that the TV series corrected some of the more egregious goofs in the novel -- like an honorable samurai family named "Bunny", or a vassal spy of Toranaga named "Ugly". However there are still some pretty big screw ups included. The bit where Mariko explains how simple the Japanese language is is particularly cringeworthy. Telling different verb tenses using differences in inflection THAT DON'T ACTUALLY EXIST IN JAPANESE...

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

This means SOMETHING. I'm not sure what.

I overheard an odd conversation today.

I was at the local sushi place for lunch, and I heard some people conversing in English somewhere in the room. I generally ignore when this happens, because it's kind of creepy to go up to some strangers in a restaurant just because they're speaking your language.

Anyway, as I got up to the register to pay, I suddenly heard them again, loud and clear:
"Of COURSE he's Japanese. Didn't you see his face?"

Curious, I turned around.

They were looking at ME.

Rather than say anything, I gave them the ol' Spock Eyebrow Raise as I walked out the door...

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Submitted without comment:

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Photo Album Update (!)

Incredible -- less than two months from the last one, another photo album update!

Two new albums this time, both having to do with spring flower viewing, 2008.

First, Cherry blossoms at Matsue Castle.

And second, a visit to the 鳥取県花回廊 (Tottori Flower Park).

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Someone has more free time than me.

Okay, first things first: This is a Rickroll.

But it's the best freaking Rickroll you'll ever see.